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Cross-Cultural Communication skills is a relatively new term, referring to the ability to recognize cultural differences and similarities when dealing with someone from another culture and ability to recognize features of own behavior which are affected by culture.



Population of Canada - 29,639,035.
Immigrants - 5,448,480.
Countries of origin - more than 150.

Despite having a Multiculturalism Act the Canadian multicultural society remains a mere desire if nothing else is done in the educational field. The problem could be - or better to say: already is - especially alarming in any kind of social services (health care, social assistance, education etc.), where the service providers are facing an increasing number of clients coming from various cultural-ethnic-religious background.

Similarly, all businesses that have to deal with this clientele originated from all around the world, will face the same difficulties in any attempt to communicate effectively with them. From lawyers to salespersons, from advisors and consultants to clerks all have to overcome the same challenge: meaningful communication across cultural boundaries.

The only way to cope with this task - to prepare your co-workers, employees to become aware of the challenge and to offer them a suitable training in Cross-Cultural Communication Skills. Click here to see what we have to offer!

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