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Cross-Cultural Communication skills is a relatively new term, referring to the ability to recognize cultural differences and similarities when dealing with someone from another culture and ability to recognize features of own behavior which are affected by culture.



Cross-cultural communication training at Acorn Garden

Filed under: Vita — Moshu @ 10:49 (UTC)

There is an organization in Winnipeg – Acorn Gardens. They have a project to provide creative arts program for trauma and war-affected children and youth.

Recently, they recruited future volunteers and employees for an upcoming pilot project and organized a training for them. I had to honour to be invited to hold a cross-cultural communication workshop. In a way it was the proverbial “proof of the pudding”: the participants were from very different cultural background, so my little seminar had to do what I was ‘preaching’ – to get the message through across cultural boundaries.

Judging by the immediate feedback we managed to communicate quite well, although I have learned to be careful with such statements. Canadians (and even immigrants living in Canada) tend to be very nice, which means they are extremely polite, so don’t expect they would ever say “your presentation sucks”, even if it does! I know I did my best…

Actually, it doesn’t really matter how the participants evaluated the workshop. What matters is this: if anything they learned there will make their work with refugee children easier, it was worth the effort.

Let’s wish them good luck and success with the upcoming project!

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3 Responses to “Cross-cultural communication training at Acorn Garden”

  1. Lalla Mira says:

    I wonder what points you discussed in your cross-cultural workshop.
    I am very interested in anything cross-cultural, and I’ve been thinking how to start tackling the subject on my blog.

  2. Sam says:

    Do you think that the internet can bring down national prejudices and divides?

    There was a wave of hope (and fear) about the Internet and it seems that neither extremes have materialised, although good and bad has derived. In the end, the internet is enhanced communication. And communication can be done for any objective, good or bad.

    I think that multilingual forums may present a hope for better international integrity. The educated may become multilingual but what about the rest? They can communicate through autotranslating sites, maybe, like

    I don’t think that there is a panacea but good-natured global communication must be a good thing. As is this blog!

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