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Cross-Cultural Communication skills is a relatively new term, referring to the ability to recognize cultural differences and similarities when dealing with someone from another culture and ability to recognize features of own behavior which are affected by culture.



The multicultural ghetto

Filed under: Vita — Moshu @ 12:44 (UTC)

Somebody at Winnipeg Free Press must be reading my posts and comments here :)

I am preaching in this blog for a long time about the dangers of creating “cultural” ghettoes – thanks to the the multicultural policies.

A few days ago the Editorial in WFP was saying the same:

Beyond the moral outrage that Canadians should feel about this [i.e. politicians showing up and cheering at terrorist organizations' events], they should also feel a deeper concern. Multiculturalism should mean a gradual integration of ethnic groups into the larger society. Political parties nurturing ethnic votes encourage exactly the opposite, cultural ghettoes in the country. No brief political advantage is worth that price.

Due to copyright restrictions I cannot quote the whole article here, although I would like to. And you can see their archives only for seven days.

The source is the Winnipeg Free Press Online – the editorial on Nov 9, 2007.

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