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Cross-Cultural Communication skills is a relatively new term, referring to the ability to recognize cultural differences and similarities when dealing with someone from another culture and ability to recognize features of own behavior which are affected by culture.


The i18n Reviews

I am going to start a new series: The i18n Review. As you could read in other posts of this blog i18n stands for internationalization. In simple terms: if a script is prepared to be translated into another language and adapted to another culture – it is internationalized. The i18n process has happened.

In these reviews I will examine how the i18n has been done, which method is used to make the script available in other languages. Depending on the method I’ll try to establish the difficulty level for a translator, and what tools are needed (if any). I will also try to detect any inconsistencies and errors in the preparation — like the ones described in The Homonym Trap.

However, I will not deal with the quality of the translations (l10n) — that should be the task of the language communities.

Any suggestions for reviewing a script are welcome!

And now go and read the reviews.